Dr. Siobhan O’Flynn consults on digital, interactive, participatory, transmedia, augmented reality and virtual reality storytelling via her company NarrativeNow, and she is the co-creator of the online site, TMCResourceKit.com, a resource for Canadian producers moving into the digital sphere. Her most recent project Kensington Market: Hidden Histories, an interactive map and augmented reality app that reveal the layered history of key locations in the market, received the Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Award for Youth Achievement from the Ontario Heritage Trust 2017. New Hidden Histories geolocation mapping projects will launch in 2019.


Dr. O’Flynn is a Lecturer in the Canadian Studies Program, University College, University of Toronto, and the Dept. of English and Drama and was the faculty mentor in interactive storytelling in the Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab (2001-2011).  Her academic research and artistic practice in the digital humanities examines: the function, design, and experience of narrative in interactive environments; foresighting emergent trends in digital storytelling and entertainment in a Web 2.0/3.0 world; investigating the social benefit of interactive art for urban planning, social and cultural capital in the context of arts festivals such as Toronto’s Luminato and Nuit Blanche; and innovating with new technologies for archival projects in the cultural heritage sphere. She is currently writing Mapping Digital Narrativity: Design, Practice, Theory, for Routledge P, modelling a 2025 futures approach to integrating user experience design, game and virtual reality design into traditional media courses.

Recent projects include transmedia consulting for a NFB interactive documentary, The Space We Hold (2017 Winner of the Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media Award), a plenary keynote on the impact of digital media on adaptation for the 2017 Adaptation Conference at Loyola University, and writing a VR game script (2018- NDAd). She has published numerous articles on interactive storytelling in scripted and documentary genres, the epilogue on adaptation and digital media for the Second Edition of Linda Hutcheon’s A Theory of Adaptation, given keynotes, workshops, and masterclasses around the globe on topics ranging from transmedia and crossmedia development and design, interactive/web documentaries, and disruptive innovations in Web 2.0 world. Dr. O’Flynn has presented at MIT, StoryWorld SF, the NFB French Program, the CBC and the Screen Edge Forum, Auckland New Zealand. In 2006/07 Dr O’Flynn was the narrative design consultant on Late Fragment, a (CFC/NFB) feature film that screened at Cannes as part of the Future of Cinema Salon.


@sioflynn on Twitter and Instagram