Dr. Siobhan O’Flynn has consulted on digital, interactive, participatory, transmedia, augmented reality and virtual reality storytelling via her company NarrativeNow for almost 20 years, and she is the co-creator of the online site, TMCResourceKit.com, a resource for Canadian producers moving into the digital sphere. Her most recent project, Kensington Market: Hidden Histories, an interactive map and augmented reality app that reveal the layered history of key locations in the market, received the Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Award for Youth Achievement from the Ontario Heritage Trust 2017.  Hidden Histories: Labour to Lofts launched September 2019. Her current research and publishing focuses on children, data privacy, and the need for strengthened legislation, and big data, Disney, Netflix, and the streaming wars.

Kensington Market: Hidden Histories

Hidden Histories: Labour to Lofts

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