I’m sharing Twine resources I’ve made for students in my courses at UTM and in the Canadian Studied Program, University College: ENG279 Video Games, ENG381 Digital Texts, and CDN355 Digital Media, Digital Makers.

Each html file can be downloaded (right click) & then imported into Twine so you can inspect the macros in passages and the CSS customization in the Stylesheet. Most will be in Sugarcube, a Twine Story Format, and those in Harlowe will be named as such. You will find macros for delaying text display, for countdown timers, variables, image / video embeds, using mp3 files, and more. I’ll be posting more demo Twines for you to use, in Sugarcube and Harlowe, as I make new ones.

Feel free to download and review the code, and use or adapt within the Creative Commons ethos of the Twine online community. I and my students have benefited so much from the generosity of others on the Twine Cookbook, and many creator blogs and resource websites, I’m happy to pay that forward. I’ve uploaded Twine html files in and you can download these by clicking through the links below. If you make a cool Twine and you want to share it, ping me! I’d love to play it. Here’s to making cool and memorable *things*!

I’m on as siobhanof & Twitter as @sioflynn

Play 2020 Twine Sugarcube Macros and Variables

Countdown Timer for Harlowe

Countdown Timer Macro for Twine Sugarcube. May 2020

Embed Videos with different start times for Sugarcube

Basic Variable with Text Input Macro

Twine Sound Demo with 10 free to use mp3s for Sugarcube

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