recent talks & panels:

2017. Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Digital Age. Ontario Heritage Trust Symposium. Nov. 22.

2017. Media Fluid and Media Fluent, E-Literature in the Era of Experience Design. Other Codes: The First Galway Digital Cultures Initiative Conference. May 11-12.

2017. Media Fluid and Media Fluent: Adaptation as Experience Design. (Invited. Plenary Speaker). Adaptation Conference. Loyola University. March 18.

2016. Digital Humanities Lightening Talk. (Invited.) Digital Humanities Network. University of Toronto. August 16.

2015. Transmedia Transcending Traditional Storytelling (Lecture. Masterclass). Women Making Waves Conference. Halifax. Feb. 27-29.

2014. Nov. 5, 2014. (R)Evolutions in Form; Disruptions in Disciplines. Narratology’s Futures Avant / Après la Lettre. Avant Canada. Brock University.

2014. Oct. 26. Transmedia & Experience Design — Crafting Your Best Story. Storyworld Quest. Edmonton.

2014. Oct. 25. Canadian Television & Web Content in the Digiverse. (Panel). Moderator. Storyworld Quest. Edmonton.

2014. Oct. 24-25. Narrative Strategies and Participatory Design: Affect, Performance, and Productivity. Interactive Narratives, New Media and Social Engagement International Conference. Toronto: University of Toronto.

2014. Sept. 27-28. The Collapse of Public, Private and Copyright in Contemporary Global Media Practice. (Panel). Privacy, Copyright, and Conventions of Use and Reuse of Twitter Content in Contemporary Online Practices. Jesse Hirsh, Moderator. Co-Panelists:Ramona Pringle, and Nehal El-Hadi. Social Media & Society Conference: 2014 International Conference. Toronto: Ryerson University.

2014. Mar. 28. Narrative Strategies and Participatory Design: Framing New Methodologies for Narrative Studies.  International Conference on Narrative. Cambridge, MA: MIT

2014. Mar. 17. +City: Twitter’s Troubling of the Public/Private Sphere. Toronto is Trending: Apps, Social Media, and Virtual Reality. University College. University of Toronto

2014. Jan. 23. Transmedia: Design Foundations, New Trends. Guest Lecture. GS/FILM 6246 FUTURE CINEMA II: Applied Theory. York University




Refereed Conference Papers, Presentations & Panels

2013. +City: Data Visualization’s Troubling of the Digital Public/Private Spheres.
MIT8 Media In Transition. Cambridge, MA: MIT. May 4.

2013. +City: Troubling Digital Public/Private Spheres. Two Installations. HASTAC

2013. +City: Troubling Digital Public/Private Spheres. Two Installations.
HASTAC 2013 – The Decennial. Toronto: York University. Installed over duration
of the Conference. April 25-28.

2012. What’s This Thing Called Transmedia? (Invited Panelist). Screen Edge Forum.
Auckland: Colab, University of Auckland. May.

2012. +city: A New Paradigm in iDoc Creation. (Keynote). iDocs: Symposium on
Interactive Documentary. Bristol: Digital Cultures Research Centre, University
of the West of England, Bristol. March. With Faisal Anwar.

2012. Locative Media & the Return to an Ontology of Place. Locative Media Panel.
College Art Association. Los Angeles. February. (accepted; unable to attend).

2011. Disruptive Innovations in Distribution: Who Owns the Screen? (Invited).
McLuhan 100. Toronto: University of Toronto. November.
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2011. Disruptive Innovations in Film Production and Distribution. MIT7: Unstable
Platforms. Cambridge MA.: MIT. May. (Accepted, unable to attend)

2011. Making Public(s): Web 2.0 documentaries and social activism. iDoc: Symposium
on Interactive Documentary. Bristol: Digital Cultures Research Centre,
University of the West of England, Bristol.

Invited Keynotes, Lectures, Panels, Masterclasses & Accelerators:

Transmedia SG. (Invited. Masterclass & Panels). Singapore Media Academy. Singapore. May 28-29.

2013. Economy of the Gift: Learning to Share in a Social World. (Invited.
Presentation.) InnovaTV Symposium. CBC. Toronto. January 25.
Video here:

2012. Canadian Women in Communications (CWC) Strategic Digital Leadership
Accelerator. Co-Designer/Co-Leader. Nov. 1-2, 2012.
On Slideshare:
CWC Concept to Story:

CWC Social Story Business & You Web 2.0:

2012. Transmedia Trends & Innovations. (Masterclass). CBC. August.

2012. Transmedia Futures. (Panel/Presentation). Co-Presented by Transmedia101 &
sLab, OCADU. July 31.
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2012. Decision Maker. Sheffield Doc/Fest. Sheffield: June 14-18.

2012. Transmedia Storytelling. Transmedia 101. Toronto: June 12.
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2012. Transmedia Engagement: Participation Culture to Activism. Transmedia 101.
Toronto: June 12.
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2012. Transmedia Narratives: Designing Immersive Storyworlds. Auckland: CoLab, AUT
Auckland University of Technology. May 5.

2012. Convergent, Multiplatform, Transmedia: State of Play. (Presentation). NFB
French Program. Montreal: April 17.

2012. The New Arts of Documentary. (Invited Participant). MIT Comparative Media
Studies Symposium. March 20, 2012.

2012. Transmédia Carte Blanche. (Presentation). Journées Transmédia/Transmedia Days.
Montreal: Feb. 21-23.
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2011. The Future of Distribution. (Panel). Sheffield Doc/Fest & Crossover Lab
Catalyst Summit. Wales: December.

2011. Architecture Design (in Transmedia). (Lecture). Co-presented with Karine
Halpern. StoryWorld Conference & Expo 2011. San Francisco: November.
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2011. Interactive Documentaries and Social Change. (Lecture). Digifest. Toronto:
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2011. Corus Convergent Media Master Class. WIFT International Women in Digital Media
Summit. Stratford: October.