Prince… memory time.

Prince. memory time..

I’m so sad, way sadder than over Bowie’s death & it’ll take a while to process. Over the decade+ of DJ-ing I played so much Prince. Almost every Saturday night at the Dance Cave, every Monday (thanks A!) at the Phoenix. I’d mix him in at the Bovine, at the occasional Fetish Night at Buddies, at more clubs and speaks than I can name or remember. Bowie I’d play occasionally mostly in the early 80s & usually only stuff from the 1970s. I always had Prince & he was my go-to for the down & dirty sexy or the sparkle of Kiss or Alphabet Street, or the late late night groove of Sign of the Times. I’d bring multiple 12 inches, albums then cds for the unusual request. B-sides. Lesser played tracks.

What I’m remembering the most right now is LOVING lining up Prince for right after some indie/alt rock/ metal track with a heavy head banging beat & SLAMMING that into a Prince track – White Zombie’s Thunder 65 or Nine Inch Nails’ Head Like a Hole or Jane’s Addiction Stealing into Kiss, Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit into Alphabet Street, Nine Inch Nails’ Closer into Gett Off, and carrying an entire dance floor of hard core alt-indie rock /metal fans into an irresistible Prince funk groove. And it worked. Every time. Who could resist the pull of that bass? rhythm of the drum/percussion tracks? the vocals? the guitar?

I really really can’t believe he’s gone. What a giant giant loss. Having a little cry.