Intangible Cultural Heritage Panel

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I was honoured to be invited to participate in the Ontario Heritage Trust, Intangible Cultural Heritage Day. Here on a panel talking about Kensington Market: Hidden Histories AR mobile app:

Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Digital Age, Panel. Ontario Heritage Trust.

November 22, 2017, Wychwood Barns, Toronto

Kensington Market: Hidden Histories on MetroMorning with Nicole Paroyan

Our student, Nicole Paroyan, had a terrific exchange with Matt Galloway on CBC’s MetroMorning this am! It’s been an honour & a pleasure to work with Nicole & our other stellar students on this project!

Audio clip here!

Kensington Market: Hidden Histories is available for download on iTunes!

Search Kensington Hidden Histories! (oh Apple we have too many characters!)

And in the Google Play as Kensington Market: Hidden Histories.

Download & enjoy walking through Kensington Market discovering layers of lives lived, communities that flourished and moved on, some leaving traces. Others now vanished.. We barely scratched the surface!


Featured! Kensington Market: Hidden Histories

Feature news story on KM:hh AR app
Kensington Market: Hidden Histories featured on UoT Home page!



Great feature story by Peter Boisseau, on the main UoT page!

Excerpt: “An augmented reality app that guides users through a dynamic tour of key locations in Toronto’s historic Kensington Market is now available for free download – thanks to U of T students in the Faculty of Arts & Science.

Students enrolled in University College’s ‘Digital Tools in a Canadian Context’ course used original research and archival documents to unearth generations of Kensington Market’s vibrant legacy and transform it into an interactive database.

“Kensington Market is a microcosm of factors that have contributed to Toronto’s richness as one of the world’s most multicultural city, and reveals how Canada has changed over time,” says course instructor Siobhan O’Flynn, a lecturer in Canadian studies.

This is the latest example of how U of T students and researchers are taking the classroom to the city – and in particular to Kensington Market – to learn more about Toronto’s vibrant culture. The neighbourhood has also served as a way to introduce international students to the city….”

Video Games Course – Students LOVED it! I LOVED it!

ENG 279S 2017 feedback
Student Survey feedback ENG 279S 2017


















I had the opportunity to teach the first run of ENG279 Video Games this summer at UTM & the course was a blast. Students loved it. I loved it. The student feedback spans everything from our critical discussions to how much we had playing and making games.

When do you get the chance to see Bioshock play throughs on a theatre screen WITH full sound???

The Future of Storytelling, 2017 Digital Dialogue Conference Panel, OMDC

Terrific panel discussion with Nigel Newton, David Caron, Joanne Loton, and David Brady.  Our conference host was the always insightful, Professor Ramona Pringle.

Published on Feb 23, 2017

Panel: The Future of Storytelling

Nigel Newton, Director (Canada), INDE Experience Engineering

»» David Brady, CEO, Cream Productions
»» David Caron, Co-publisher and President, ECW Press
»» Joanne Loton, Co-Founder & Executive Producer, Sesqui
»» Dr. Siobhan O’Flynn, Founder, NarrativeNow