Featured! Kensington Market: Hidden Histories

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Great feature story by Peter Boisseau, on the main UoT page!

Excerpt: “An augmented reality app that guides users through a dynamic tour of key locations in Toronto’s historic Kensington Market is now available for free download – thanks to U of T students in the Faculty of Arts & Science.

Students enrolled in University College’s ‘Digital Tools in a Canadian Context’ course used original research and archival documents to unearth generations of Kensington Market’s vibrant legacy and transform it into an interactive database.

“Kensington Market is a microcosm of factors that have contributed to Toronto’s richness as one of the world’s most multicultural city, and reveals how Canada has changed over time,” says course instructor Siobhan O’Flynn, a lecturer in Canadian studies.

This is the latest example of how U of T students and researchers are taking the classroom to the city – and in particular to Kensington Market – to learn more about Toronto’s vibrant culture. The neighbourhood has also served as a way to introduce international students to the city….”

Ignite Toronto 3: Siobhan O’Flynn – Mobile Fragments

My 5 minute Petcha Kutcha talk! what a crazy ask – 5 minutes, 20 slides, automatic timer – GO!

From 2010:

‘I advise on the design of digital narratives: transmedia, crossmedia, physical installations, interactive films & recently an interactive graphic novel. In 2006/07 I was the narrative design consultant on Late Fragment, a feature film/dvd that premiered at Cannes. I have advised on over interactive 65 digital works, many of which have gone on to win awards in Canada & abroad.

Having joined the Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab in 2001, I continue to critically engage with the development of emergent forms in digital media and I have mentored in the Digital Development Lab multiple times and in the Melting Silos Program (NFB/SFU Praxis/Agentic) for the Development of Transmedia Content, both in Vancouver. I am currently programming Storytelling X.O, a full day event at FITC Toronto 2010 on digital storytelling today.’