Transmedia 101

Transmedia 101 is a community building initiative co-founded by Carrie Cutforth-Young, Siobhan O’Flynn & Anthea Foyer, that encourages collaboration between both transmedia professionals and creatives, innovators, & instigators from ancillary industries/interests who desire to learn more about how to apply transmedia strategies to their properties & projects.

Started in July of 2011 as “Transmedia Toronto”, Transmedia 101 has grown from a simple meetup-group to an expanding organization that:

– connects like-minded innovators together to discuss, experiment and push transmedia forward
– educates, and elevates the understanding of the possibilities of transmedia strategies can support
– raises industry awareness and shares/spotlights the profiles of transmedia professionals, both Canadian and International, who are actively engaged in the field
– connects our growing local/Canadian community to an international network of transmedia practitioners through guest speakers and workshops. International speakers range from transmedia strategists and educators, shared storyworld and experience designers, and seasoned web series producers.

Transmedia 101 is inclusive of practitioners in digital media, cross-platform, multimedia, Alternate Reality Games, transmedia, immersive or theatrical experience, and social storytelling and welcomes both students and the transmedia-curious from the creative industries: book publishing, film, mobile, web series, TV, gaming, advertising, theatre, art, interactive/digital, etc.

Our community building activities include:

Presentations from transmedia professionals and cross-media/digital storytellers, creators, and strategists
Incubation and other creation based events
Formal and casual networking events
Past speakers have included Robert Pratten, The Mission Business, Geoff May, Adipat Virdi, Scott Walker, Jon Reiss, Victoria Evans, and Siobhan O’Flynn.